Immersive Reality

Q: How do I change my password?

A: Near the bottom of the viewer window, choose "Forgot your username or password". That will open a window within your viewer to reset your password. However, if you know your existing password, just login with your avatar first name, last name and password on the right side. Then choose "EDIT ACCOUNT" Enter your existing password, then the new one that you want twice, then click "update". That will change your password for the entire system

Q: My avatar is just a cloud! What is wrong? How do I fix it?

A: Most likely, you lost a critical part of your avatar. To rez, an avatar must have a SHAPE, SKIN, EYES and HAIR base. The easiest way to fix it is to go to the freebie mall, then go to the "Free Complete Avatars" booth and buy (for zero IR$) a new avatar. You can then take the parts that you still have from your broken avatar to make the appearance like it was before.

Q: I can't get user profiles to work with Firestorm, it wants to go to Second Life
(but Singularity works OK)

A: Firestorm uses "Web based" profiles by default, which are not supported by our version of open sim. To fix it, log into Immersive Reality, then choose "Preferences" (ctrl-P), Click "User Interface" on the left, then click "Interface Windows" at the top. Now uncheck the "Use web profiles by default" box. Click "Apply" then "OK". You will now be able to create your profile as well as view other member profiles.
Please note that this change is Global, so your Second Life profile view will now be the legacy version as well. I found that I like it better! It loads much faster and IMHO looks "cleaner". The only downside is the aspect ratio of photos is 1:1 in the web version and 3:4 in the legacy version. So it is best to upload photos to SL in 1:1 as most people use the web version there and use 3:4 aspect ratio for OpenSim profile pictures.

Q: Can I bring my SL inventory here?

A: Full-perm objects can be exported if you created them (see below). The text of full-perm scripts can be simply copied and pasted. You cannot export animations, sounds, items that are not full-perm, or items that you did not create.

Q: How do I import an object from SL?

A: The "Save As" function of Firestorm can be used to transfer full-perm prim objects that you created, saving them to your hard drive for import into Immersive Reality. Choose "backup" for non-mesh objects and "Collada" for mesh items. Items that are part mesh and part prim, wil have to be unlinked, saved separately, then relinked once imported into Immersive Realiity. To export any item, it must be full-perm, and you must be the creator of the prims AND all the textures and sculpt maps that are associated with them.

Before importing any content, please be certain that the creator of the item has given permission for use in other grids. If you do not have the content creator's authorization, please do not upload it to Immersive Reality. Thank you for understanding

Q: I have my inventory saved as a .IAR file. Can I import it instead of uploading objects one by one?

A: Yes and No. There is a provision in the web interface but the process is real buggy right now. It is probably best to send the .iar file to (if it's less than 10 megs) with a request to have it added to your account.

Q: Can I take content from Immersive Reality to another grid?

A: No, unless you personally created the content and every texture, sculpt map and mesh associated with it. Much of our content has been created by Immersive Reality members and is licensed for use only on this grid. The only exception are items from the Kately freebie mall which are licensed for any use, with no attribution required.

Q. How do I buy land here?

A: Small parcels in Boom Town are FREE! Find a parcel you like, then click the mailbox to make it yours! Once you do that, you wlll be able to rez, set the music for your parcel if desired and even terriform within reasonable limits. You must rez something within 24 hours and touch the mailbox at least every 30 days to keep the parcel.
A Full Region (45,000 prims - 65536 sq M Area) is $12.00 a month. Click the "buy land" link above to place your order via PayPal.

Q. How do I rent a store in Immersive Reality?

A. Similar to claming a parcel in Boom Town, you click the mailbox in front of a store that you like. Once you do that, you will be able to rez your items. You will need to rez something within 24 hours and touch the mailbox every 30 days to keep the store.

Q: My question isn't answered here. How do I get help?

A: You can send email to or If you are in a hurry, there are buttons at the Welcome Center, the Boom Town Entry point and Xtatic gaming that you can pay to page Tom Wyoming in Real Life on his Android Phone. To avoid frivolous requests, there is a IR$500 fee to page Tom in RL, but he may refund the fee if you paged him for a good reason.