Immersive Reality


On January 29, 2015, "Tom Wyoming" acquired the Immersive Reality Grid. We plan to continue the creation of a great adult playground with casino style games, adult themed neighborhoods, and whatever the fertile imaginations of our residents come up with. We are keeping the prices the same, both for the purchase of our virtual IR$ currency and simulator rentals. We are introducting Mega Regions. On other simulators, if you need a lot of land for your build, you have to rent adjacent simulators and crossing from one to the next can be problematic, especally for activites such as motorcycle racing. We have for rent regions four times the area of a standard 256 x 256 meter sim. Our developers are working on 16X regions for those residents with a need for a lot of land in one piece.

We are a full service Virtual Reality provider, offering you the User/Resident the latest in Opensim capabilities at a fraction of the cost of SecondLife. With 24/7 support staff on call to take care of your virtual needs, we aim to be your affordable virtual reality destination.

You can join and play for free, enjoying the creations of our staff and other users, but for more fun, buy our virtual currency via PayPal and shop, rent a parcel, and build your virtual home. For the most fun, rent a whole region to call your own! A full 256x256 sq M region with 45,000 prims and full control rents for only $50.00 USD per month. Compare that with the $295.00 a month fee charged by "the big provider" for a private island with only 15,000 prims!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Immersive Reality?

A: Immersive Reality is an OpenSim grid originally created in order to provide a low cost alternative to second life, with a focus on simulated casino gambling and adult activity.

Q: Is this Second Life?

A: No, it is not Second Life. It runs an Open Source platform called Opensimulator which is very similar to SL but it is not SL. You cannot access SL from this or any other Opensimulator Grid at this time.

Q: Where do I get a skin, shape, hair, clothes, etc.?

A: For basic avatar upgrades, visit the Freebie Mall. You can also use the Hypergrid teleports to look for free items in other virtual worlds. As in real world traveling, you will have a suitcase to put your finds. Unlike RL, there are no customs duties when you return to Immersive Reality with your goodies.

Q: What is there to do in Immersive Reality?

A: There are the Faze Games and Xtatic Games casinos. Xtatic games has Roulette, Blackjack, slot machines, lucky seven "scratchers" and the ever popular Skunk Money game. There is sandbox provided to the public for you to test your builds (three hour auto return). For the adult/alternative lifestyle groups, we have Boom Town. Who knows what might happen in the gas station wash room or the alley behind the bar. Use the teleporters to explore. Before you go, landmark the Welcome Center in the favorites bar of your viewer so that you can easily return to the teleporters for more exploration.

Q: Can I bring my SL inventory here?

A: Full-perm objects can be exported if you created them (see below). The text of full-perm scripts can be simply copied and pasted. You cannot export animations, sounds, items that are not full-perm, or items that you did not create.

Q: How do I import an object from SL?

A: The "Save As" function of Firestorm can be used to transfer full-perm prim objects that you created, saving them to your hard drive for import into Immersive Reality. Choose "backup" for non-mesh objects and "Collada" for mesh items. Items that are part mesh and part prim, wil have to be unlinked, saved separately, then relinked once imported into Immersive Realiity. To export any item, it must be full-perm, and you must be the creator of the prims AND all the textures and sculpt maps that are associated with them.

Before importing any content, please be certain that the creator of the item has given permission for use in other grids. If you do not have the content creator's authorization, please do not upload it to Immersive Reality. Thank you for understanding

Q: Can I take content from Immersive Reality to another grid?

A: No, unless you personally created the content and every texture, sculpt map and mesh associated with it. Much of our content has been created by Immersive Reality members and is licensed for use only on this grid. The only exception are items from the Kately freebie mall which are licensed for any use, with no attribution required.

Q. Who runs Immersive Realiity?

A RIght now it's a "one man band" Tom Wyoming. We do have other members that are creating content for your use, they will be opening stores shortly.

Q. Can I buy land here?

A: Yes you can! Land costs are extremely reasonable here. You can rent small parcels in Boom Town by paying the rent box, then right clicking the ground and paying the deposit. Once you do that, you wlll be able to rez, set the music for your parcel if desired and even terriform within reasonable limits. A 1600 sq m lot with 1098 prims rents for IR$400 a week. ($2.00 USD). There are larger and smaller lots. Go check them out! A Full Sim here (45,000 prims - 65536 sq M Area) is $50.00 a month. Compare that to the $295.00 a month that the "big provider" wants! There are discounts for payments up to three months in advance. Click the "buy land" link above to place your order via PayPal.

Q. Can I rent a store in Immersive Reality?

A. Yes, We have several stores available in the Welcome Center where you will get a lot of traffic. The rental rate is only one IR$ per prim. Contact Tom Wyoming to discuss your needs.

Q: What viewers work here?

A: Firestorm and Singularty are our supported viewers for Immersive Reality.. Meerkat, Imprudence, and CV viewers are not supported and may not render Mesh objects correctly, but may be useful to some users. "Copybot" viewers (neillife, shoopedlife, etc.) are prohibited. SecondLife Standard Viewers will not function in Immersive Reality.

Q. What does "adult grid" mean?

A: We wanted to build a grid where people with alternative lifestyles such as LGBT, and BDSM can have fun! When SecondLife made casino style gaming almost impossible, we wanted to create a venue where people could enjoy virtual gambling and still stay within the law.. Due to the presence of adult content, Immersive Reality is not an appropriate setting for children or teens. To protect both children and adults, membership is restricted to adults age 18 and older and we will not permit the use of avatars resembling children.

Q: Are the regions RLV enabled?

A: Yes, with the proper setting in your viewer, all regions in Immersive Reality are RLV enabled. You may obtain an RLV relay, and other RLV related gadgets/toys at various hypergrid locations. We hope to have our own version of collars, cuffs and relays soon.

Q: What is NOT allowed at Immersive Reality?

A: The following activities are prohibited: 1 - No child avatars, period. Anyone engaging in age play and or anything at all child related will be evicted with no refund and will not be permitted on this grid again. No exceptions! 2 - Nothing illegal (gambling for real money, for example) 3 - No griefing or disruptive behavior. If you are reported, we will meet with you to discuss the situation, but we are not here for drama and/or nonsense. We will do our best to help the parties resolve their differences amicably, but if no resolution can be had, both parties will be asked to remove themselves from the community. Please review the Terms Of Service at the TOS link above.

Q: I'm a content creator, what are you doing to protect my intellectual property rights?

A: Immersive Reality has the same permissions structure as any other Opensimulator Grid; you can set your creations to be no copy, no modify and/or no transfer. We do not endorse piracy; however it does happen and we can't completely prevent it. If you see something you created being distributed by someone else as their creation, contact Tom Wyoming and I will investigate it to verify the violation, providing you can prove that the item is your creation and you can provide adequate proof that there is a violation. You are of course welcome to file DCMA requests with the proper authorities for takedown of the items, however this is an incredibly lengthy and difficult process and we will only remove/takedown an item after there is absolute proof of infringement. The burden of proof lies on the creator not Immersive Reality. Content creators, please note that on this grid, you own your own work!

Q: Why would I rent land from you, rather than running a simulator on my own PC?

A: You are free to run a simulator on your own PC and join the Hypergrid. However, running your own simulator means you are using your hardware and your bandwidth, and its uptime and the electric bill are your problem. We rent servers from a 24x7 high availability data center, with plenty of bandwidth and very powerful servers, in order to have the systems reliable with very little down time. We also conduct simulator backups nightly!. There are those rare occasions that a sim may be down for maintenance, patches etc., but we will make every effort to keep that at a bare minimum.

Q: I experienced a bug, or things that don't work like they did in SL.

A: Immersive Reality has only been around since the Fall of 2014 and OpenSimulator is stiil a work in progress. There are some bugs from time to time that need to be worked out, and it may take time. Given the OpenSource nature of the environment, there may be malfunctions just like any virtual environment. Our provider does their best to keep on top of every patch, software update, etc., in order to keep things as stable and operational as possible. If you write scripts, you will find that there are some things that are not supported in OpenSim that were in SL and vice versa.

Q: What is uptime/stability "guarantee" for your rented regions?

A: There is no guarantee other than we will do our very best to have these regions running 24x7. We restart our regions every week Sunday night/Monday morning, as this does help with stability. We have no control over regions that are run "independently" using hardware other than that supplied by Immersive Reality. We have contracted an excellent hosting provider to keep things running, and they are generally very stable. Please be aware that Tom Wyoming has a RL job that pays the bills, and that he can't aways be online or available 24x7. In case of emergency there are buttons at the welcome center information booth, the boomtown welcome area and Xtatic Gaming that you can pay to page Tom Wyoming in Real Life on his Android Phone. To avoid frivolous requests, there is a IR$500 fee to page Tom in RL, but he may refund the fee if you paged him for a good reason.